Brasil Tropical Pisos was established in 1994, in the city of Alta Floresta/MT to be a bridge between the forest and the specialized market, initially acting in the commercialization of Mogno (Genuine Mahogany), the company soon became a reference in quality products, providing selected material and with origin certificate.


In 2009, with its operations already consolidated in the market and at the height of the energy crisis in the country, the company did an important move to guarantee the ongoing growth, acquiring the biomass technology for energy generation. Today the company is self-sufficient in energy and already makes plans to sell the surplus in the energy market.
Currently, the company has 19,000 square meters (over 200,000 square feet) of built area and 160 direct employees, producing and exporting, mainly Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Decking and Rough Sawn Lumber to more than 25 countries.


Thinking about its growth in a sustainable way, the company invests constantly in the acquisition of new areas, always aiming at the management of low environmental impact and counting today with forests registered in IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) for exploration in the next 20 years.

The ISO 9001 certification was a natural consequence of the work philosophy established in the company since its foundation, being today one of the few companies in the sector in the world with this type of quality certification.


Quality in management, continuous improvement of the products quality and services, always respecting the environment, fulfilling the objectives and the organizational goals, seeking new working methods and technologies, flexibility, competitiveness and profitability, meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, our employees and our shareholders and most of all, being respectful to the sustainability of the forestry sector.


Continuous growth and improvement;

Satisfaction, valorization and qualification of human resources;

Determination and perseverance;

Total responsibility for the business;

Integration, where all are responsible for the operations of the company;

Risk management, prevent failures and eliminate loses;

To work incessantly for the full use of the raw material, continuously developing new products for the market;

Reforestation and sustainable forest management plans, having as consequence the preservation of our raw material and business;

Guarantee through legal mechanisms the origin of the raw material, stating that its products are derived from managed and sustainable forests, with legal timber exploitation, maintaining a balance between environmental, social and economic factors.

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