ANGELIM – amargoso

 In Wood Species, Rough sawn

ANGELIM – amargoso

Vatairea sp.
Other names:
Amargoso, angelim, fava, fava-amarela, fava-amargosa, faveira, faveira-amarela, faveira-bolacha, faveira-de-impigem and faveira-grande-do-igapó.
General features:
Heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, yellowish brown or reddish brown; fibrous appearance; imperceptible smell; bitter taste, high density; grain right to irregular; thick texture.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural Durability: The heartwood is highly resistant to rotting and to the action of dry wood termites. Wood susceptible to attack by pin hole and marine organisms.
Treatability: Under pressure treatments in laboratory trials, it has been demonstrated to be moderately permeable to preservative solutions.
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: The wood of angelim-amargoso presents moderately good behavior in mechanical processing, but it presents a tendency to lift fibers when it is flattened. Turning, drilling and preaching operations are easy.
Drying: Air drying at moderate speed results in little or no defect. Fast drying in oven, it shows moderate tendency to medium cupping and twisting.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 15% humidity: 936 kg/m3

Shrinkage – Radial: 4.8% / Tangential: 9.8% / Volumetric 14.0%


• External heavyweight: railroad tie, crosspieces, stakes
• Internal heavyweight: rafters, beams
• Internal lightweight structural: slats
• Temporary use: scaffolding, shoring, frames for concrete Furniture:
• High quality: decorative pieces of furniture
Other uses:
• Decoration and adornment
• Decorative Laminates
• Ships (keels, decks, sides and more)
• Packaging
• Tool Cables

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