In Wood Species, Rough sawn


Hymenolobium petraeum Ducke
Other names:
Angelim, angelim-amarelo, angelim-da-mata, angelim-do-para, angelim-macho and mirarema.
General features:
Heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, light brown or dark reddish brown, with brown spots darker due to resin oil, pale brown sapwood; brightness absent; imperceptible smell and taste; medium density; hard to cut; grain right to skin; thick texture, fibrous appearance.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural durability: Durable wood to very resistant to rotting fungi; moderately resistant to marine borers and resistant to wood-dry termites.
Treatability: the heartwood is difficult to preserve and the sapwood is very easy to preserve, under pressure with both creosote (soluble oil) and CCA (water soluble).
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: The wood of angelim-pedra is easy to work with. Finishing from regular to good in planer, turn and drill. It is moderately easy to saw and flatten; it is easy to nail, to screw and allow satisfactory finishing.
Drying: Drying is very fast in oven, showing little tendency to twist and bow. Outdoor drying is somewhat difficult.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 12% humidity: 710 kg/m3 / Basic: 590 kg/m3
Shrinkage – Radial: 4.1% / Tangential: 6.3% / Volumetric 10.1%


• Internal heavyweight: beams, rafters
• External lightweight: protrusions, scaffolding
• Internal lightweight frames, doors, shutters, frames
• Internal lightweight decorative: linings, wainscoting
• Internal lightweight structural: secondary parts of structures, slats
• Temporary use: frames for concrete
• General utility: standard furniture
Other uses:
• Cables for cutlery
• Decorative Laminates

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