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Mezilaurus itauba (Meisn.) Taub. ex Mez., Lauraceae
Other names:
Itaúba-abacate, itaúba-amarela, itaúba-grande, itaúba-preta, itaúba-verdadeira, itaúba-vermelha and louro-itaúba.
General features:
Heartwood yellowish-green, when newly sawed, becoming dark-greenish-brown; pleasant smell, slightly sweet, and imperceptible taste; high density; corrugated or reverse grain; medium texture; irregularly glossy surface.
Durability and Treatment:
Itaúba wood is considered to be highly resistant to the attack of xylophagous organisms (rotting fungi, termites and marine xylophages). In an experiment carried out in the marine environment it was moderately attacked by xylophagous organisms. It presents low permeability to preservative solutions. Tests with water-soluble solutions, applied under pressure, have demonstrated that the sapwood is difficult to treat and the core is refractory. This wood is difficult to preserve, with retention of oil-soluble preservatives below 100 kg/m3.
Processing Characteristics:
Itaúba wood is moderately difficult to work with, both with hand and machine tools due to the presence of silica; but allows good finishing. Air-drying is slow and difficult, but does not cause a high incidence of defects. Artificial drying is reported to be slow, with a marked occurrence of cracks and moderate warpage. There is no indication of specific programs for the Itaúba wood.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 15% humidity: 960 kg/m³ / Basic: 800 kg/m³

Shrinkage – Radial: 2.3% / Tangential: 6.7% / Volumetric: 12.1%


• External heavyweight: bridges, railroad tie, poles, crossings, fenders
• Internal heavyweight: beams, rafters, trusses
• Lightweight frames: windows, windows

• Boards
• Sticks

• General utility: standard furniture, internal parts of furniture including those decorative

Other uses:
• Agricultural implements
• Transport
• Turned parts
• Vessels (roofs, floors, linings)

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