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Hymenaea spp.
Other names:
Copal, courbaril, jataí, jataíba, jatobá-curuba, jatobazinho, jutaí, jutaí-açu, jutaí-do-igapó, jutaí-grande, jutaí-mirim, jutaí-vermelho and quebra-machado.
General features:
Heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, heartwood ranging from yellowish brown to reddish brown, yellowish-white sapwood; imperceptible smell and taste; high density; hard to cut; grain regular to irregular; medium texture; slightly glossy surface.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural durability: jatobá species are considered highly resistant to termites and fungi of white and brown rot, but susceptible to marine perforators. In contact with the soil presented average life less than 9 years being considered moderated durability. In laboratory tests it showed medium to high resistance to attack by xylophagous organisms. In marine environment it was intensely attacked by perforating organisms.
Treatability: the heartwood of jatobá, when subjected to pressure impregnation, has been shown to be impermeable to preservative solutions. It presents low permeability to the preservative solutions when submitted to impregnation under pressure.
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: Jatoba wood is moderately easy to work, it can be planed, glued, screwed and braded without problems. It shows resistance to turning and to slice. The finish is good. It accepts paint, varnish and burnish.
Drying: the wood dries in the air with few deformations. The presence of cracks and warps is observed when drying is very rapid. Air-drying should be done in a place protected from direct sunlight, with good ventilation, to avoid radial cracks.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 15% humidity: 960 kg/m3 / Basic: 800 kg/m3 < > Shrinkage – Radial: 3.1% / Tangential: 7.2% / Volumetric 10.7%


• External heavyweight: railroad sleepers, crosspieces
• Internal heavyweight: beams, rafters, trusses
• External lightweight: rafters, frames, linings, slats, battens
• Internal lightweight frames: doors, windows, stops
• Internal lightweight, decorative: trimmings, baseboards, panels, linings, wainscoting

• Boards
• Sticks
• Parquets
• Stair Steps

• High quality: fine furniture

Other uses
• Sporting goods and toys
• Tool Cables
• Agricultural implements
• Turned parts
• Transport

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