In Wood Species, Rough sawn


Simarouba amara Aubl., Simroubcheaa
Other names:
Caixeta, caxeta, marupaúba, paraparaíba, pararaúba, parariúba, pau-paraíba, simaruba and tamanqueira.
General features:
Heartwood and sapwood indistinct by color, whitish to slightly yellowish; moderate brightness; imperceptible smell and slightly bitter taste; low density; soft to cut; right grain; medium to thick texture; glossy surface.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural durability: wood susceptible to the action of fungus stains. In laboratory it presented low durability to rotting fungi and to termite attack. The wood is considered susceptible to the attack of termites, marine and wood pin hole.
Treatability: the heartwood and sapwood are very easy to preserve, under pressure process with either creosote (preservative retention of soluble oil above 300 kg / m3) or with CCA (water-soluble).
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: Marupa wood is easy to work with. It is easy to saw, flatten, brad, screw, allows good finishing and is easy to glue. To turn it you must use high speed and sharp knives.
Drying: Drying can be done outdoors provided the wood is well stacked and covered to avoid cracking and warping. Drying can be rapid without the occurrence of defects in soft programs or can be very rapid, with little tendency to medium twisting. Drying in conventional dryers is classified as quick-drying, without defect problems. Practical observations have shown that very drastic drying conditions can cause surface hardening.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 12% humidity: 440 kg/m³ / Green wood: 1120 kg/m³ / Basic: 370 kg/m³
Shrinkage – Radial: 4.8% / Tangential 6.8% / Volumetric 11.8%


• Internal lightweight, general utility: shoe molding, trimmings, baseboards, linings, wainscoting

• General utility: standard furniture

Other uses:
• Frames for paintings
• Musical instruments or part of them
• Broomsticks
• Toothpicks
• Plywood
• Decorative Laminates
• Clogs
• Sporting goods and toys
• Packaging
• Heels for shoes
• Funeral urns

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