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Aspidosperma macrocarpon, Apocynaceae
Other names:

Muirajuçara and Guatambu-do-cerrado.
General features:
Heartwood and sapwood indistinct by color, very light brown sapwood; color red-rosy to yellow-burnt thin dark veins; high density; hard to cut; grain right or reverse; fine texture.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural durability: Low permeability to preservative solutions, low resistance to attack of xylophagous organisms.
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: Peroba-mica wood is moderately easy to work, easy gluing, good pre-screwing and fastening, quick drying with little tendency for top and middle twisting.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 15% humidity: 1100 kg/m³ / Basic: 790 kg/m³

Shrinkage – Radial: 4.36% / Tangential: 6.24%


Construction of ships and boats:
• Finishes and ornamentation
• Floors
Furniture: • Finishing and interior decoration

Other uses:
• Carpentry
• Mills
• Turning
• Laminas
• Plywood

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