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Enterolobium schomburgkii (Benth.) Benth., Leguminosae
Other names:
Fava-orelha-de-macaco, cambuí-sucupira, fava-bolota, fava-de-rosca, fava-orelha-de-negro, fava-uingue, fava-wing, faveca, faveira-de-rosca, faveira-dura, faveira-grande, favela, orelha-de-gato, orelha-de-macaco, paricarana, timbaúba, timbó-da-mata and timborana.
General features:
Heartwood yellowish brown bean with darker veins; indistinct smell and taste; high density; irregular grain; slightly rough surface; attenuated fibrous aspect; medium texture.
Durability and Treatment:
Natural Durability: The sucupira-amarela wood is resistant to attack by rotting fungi and highly resistant to termites. In field trials, sucupira-amarela wood has been shown to be moderate resistant to attack by xylophagous organisms. Treatability: In laboratory tests, wood has been shown to be impermeable to preservative solutions, even under pressure processes. The sapwood is easy to preserve with CCA-A.
Processing Characteristics:
Workability: sucupira-amarela wood is easy to saw, flatten, sanding, turning, make holes, brading and screwing. Features medium finish. The wood is easy to faken, producing smooth, compact, easy to dry and with a shiny surface. Drying: Air-drying is slow and without appreciable defects; in oven should be conducted with caution preferably at low temperatures with drying being very rapid, exhibiting moderate tendency to cracks and strong twisting in very aggressive drying programs.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Apparent at 15% humidity: 790 kg/m³ / Basic: 658 kg/m³
Shrinkage – Radial 2.8% / Tangential 9.1% / Volumetric 14.1%


• External heavyweight: railroad sleepers, crosspieces
• Internal heavyweight: beams, rafters, trusses
• Lightweight frames: windows, windows
• Internal lightweight, decorative: wainscoting, panels, frames, linings, linings

• Boards
• Sticks

• High quality: decorative furniture Other uses:
• Decorative Laminates
• Agricultural implements
• Transport
• Packaging

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