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Martiodendron wave transamazonica
Other names:
Tamarindeiro, tamarineira, tamarineiro, tamarina and jubaí.
General features:
Tree usually with 30 meters high, its trunk divides in numerous curved branches forming dense and ornamental canopy, leafy foliage is dark green. An extensive root system allows it to adapt to semi-arid terrain and exposed to strong winds.
Durability and Treatment:
Tamarindo wood presents moderate durability to the attack of rotting fungi and termites.
Processing Characteristics:
Its physical characteristics suggest to be a wood of normal quality, which presents some defects from drying, but can be used in the manufacture of furniture that accept small warping.
Physical properties

Mass Density – Mass density - Apparent at 12% humidity: 660 kg/m³


• Lightweight in frames: doors, shutters
• Internal lightweight structural: slats
• Internal lightweight, general utility: shoe molding, trims, skirtings

• General utility: standard furniture, internal parts of furniture including those decorative

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