The Brazil Tropical Floors seriously believe that there is balance between
development and the use of natural resources, so sustainability
is not just a speech in our company, it is a working philosophy.


Environmental Regulations

The company strictly follow environmental laws, keeping all documents of its operations ready for auditing at any time.

Control of Waste

We understand that the best way to contribute to the environment is to use the resources consciously, so the company maintains a strict control of waste in the production process, as well as reuse of waste for energy generation.

Technical and Scientific Knowledge

To reduce the environmental impact during extraction, it is necessary to have a qualified team and a good planning of each operation, so the company counts on specialized advisory services with constant monitoring.

Sustainable Forest Management Plan

It is required that the Management Plan to be registered with SEMA (State Secretariat for the Environment, State of Mato Grosso linked to IBAMA) for all the wood sold by the company. All the trees are identified under a sustainable management plan, as well as the period of exploration of each area.

Guarantee of Origin

All wood processed by the company has chain of custody, this ensures that our customers can identify the exact extraction site of the tree used to manufacture each product.
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